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    General information

    The Álava Campus is the result of an integration process of several historical educational centers in the city, and of the creation of new ones that emerged after the University of the Basque Country (Universidad del Pai´s Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea) was created.

    The Alava Campus of the University of the Basque Country (Universidad del Pai´s Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea) covers an area of 200,000 square meters, with twelve buildings grouping together more than a hundred classrooms, besides laboratories and offices.

    Currently, courses leading to 30 degrees are taught, offering a choice of over 1,300 subjects for 7,800 students. Of the courses, 43% of them can be studied in Basque.

    It is an open campus located in an upscale environment, in the center of the city surrounded by green areas with pedestrian walk ways.

    At the Campus is the Faculty of Language and Literature, where, amongst other courses, studies include Basque Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Classical Languages and Literature and Hispanic Languages and Literature courses. It is one of Spain's most prestigious Faculties in languages, and has lecturers in over a dozen languages.

    The Cultural Expansion Service organizes more than 90 activities throughout the year (theatre, exhibitions, concerts, cinema, competitions), all of them free of charge and of free access for all citizens. Also, the Sports Services offer a choice of more than 40 sports activities for the university community throughout the year which you can take a part in.

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    Access to the library and computer rooms

    Course participants will have free access to University facilities, including libraries, study rooms and computer rooms. They will also have access to the "Koldo Mitxelena" Central Library, featuring: 1,000 terminals equipped with Internet connection, 11 consultation rooms, 6 rooms for group work, 12 personal workstations (carrels) for research, and 7 computer rooms with Internet access and electronic mail.


    Student exchange

    Students of the Spanish course may have the opportunity to take part in a student exchange experience with students of the University of Vitoria-Gasteiz in order to learn the language even more efficiently. This initiative fulfills two major objectives: the integration of the course students in the culture, way of life and the city, and practicing the language. This activity is free of charge. All the student must do is agree to spend the equivalent amount of time practicing his/her language with the selected exchange student.


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