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    John Murphy
    Colorado Rapids
    Assistant Coac

    "My Report From Spain"


    Hello to everyone back in Colorado!

    Glad to hear about the improving weather in Denver, but there isn't too much to complain about here on the Mediterranean coast .  Our stay here in Spain has been fantastic and will culminate with our match vs. Valencia tonight.  More about that later.....

    Staying up until 2:30am can be fun sometimes, but getting up at 2:30am is not - EVER!  Unfortunately, we had to be up and out of our hotel early to Heathrow airport for our trip to Spain.  Needless to say, everyone's internal clocks were thrown off again as we traveled south to Valencia.  After a connection in Barcelona, we settled in at the team hotel 20 minutes outside of the city but within walking distance of the Valencia training ground .  What a set up!  Eight flood lit training pitches for all of their teams to practice under the same location.  All the fields are immaculate and the grounds staff take special pride in keeping the entire complex pristine for players and staff.

    As an aside, it has been interesting to see the contrasts in the clubs we have visited this year.  Arsenal and Cruz Azul keep their doors closed to the general public and maintain that a professional environment is key to their preparation .  Valencia, similar to Pachuca , wants a "family" atmosphere around the club, where people of all ages are walking the grounds often wearing the colors of their team.  Dozens of people have watched our sessions everyday and have been friendly, but respectful to our work on the field.  The media has covered us very well, with the build up to our friendly match with Valencia filling up the daily papers more each day.

    Our promoter, Miguel Salazar of EU Study Tours of Miami , has been tireless in his efforts to balance the soccer preparation with some local trips to the city.  Despite his efforts, walking the streets of Valencia during the Fallas Festival has been nerve wracking for me personally.  I have never seen (or heard) so many fireworks in my entire life!  Not the nice, cute ones that we used as kids on the 4th of July, I'm talking about the stuff that make you want to hit the deck when you hear them detonated......but they love it!!  The coward that I am prohibits me from doing so, but I will adapt (wads of cotton have helped...) as it is worth it just to walk around and interact with the locals.  They are just great people with a real zest for life.  Spain is an amazing country with so many different regions and traditions.  I have been several times and always want to come back as you can't beat the combination of good weather, great food and wine, and of course, a fantastic soccer culture.

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